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Interview With Kevin J DeBruin – Former NASA Rocket Scientist

6th Confab With CosmosNow

Kevin J DeBruin is Former NASA Rocket Scientist, host, TEDx speaker, author, and educates about space at events around the globe. Kevin is also known as the ‘Fit Rocket Scientist’ for he is an American Ninja Warrior, certified personal trainer, and former bodybuilder.

CosmosNow – Hello Kevin! We are really honoured to have you on the 6th Confab with CosmosNow. We are really excited to get some amazing and inspiring answers from you.

Kevin J DeBruin – Yeah, that sounds fun. Thank you CosmosNow for letting me indulge! I’m more than happy to answer your questions.

CosmosNow – When did the passion for Astronomy and Astrophysics start? How did you get where you are today?

Kevin J DeBruin – I saw the movie October Sky when I was 10-years old & knew I wanted to design spaceships for NASA. I wrote a book about how I got to where I am titled ‘To NASA & Beyond’ available in paperback worldwide & audiobook.

CosmosNow – What challenges you faced in your journey as a Rocket Scientist at NASA?

Kevin J DeBruin – It took me over 150 applications during a 3-year period to get my first NASA internship. Georgia Tech rejected my application for graduate school, but then paid for my tuition and gave me a stipend. Lastly, NASA JPL put me through 3 rounds of interviews and did not give me a job. I graduated without a full-time job, took a 10-week internship to prove to them I belonged. After 30 more interviews during that time, I became a full-time NASA Rocket Scientist.

kevin j debruin

CosmosNow – Please tell us more about DeBruin Enterprises. What’s different about you guys from other space educators?

Kevin J DeBruin – Credibility. I have the credentials, a former NASA Rocket Scientist with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering & a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Anyone can post things on social media, how do you know what your getting is authentic and true? I put a lot of focus on ensuring this is the case for all of my content. I also try and make my content involved & active, I’m not just a talking head telling you things. I use props and demonstrations and keep it fun!

CosmosNow – Why you left NASA?

Kevin J DeBruin – I left NASA because I wasn’t able to truly chase my next dream of educating and exposing as many people as possible first-hand about space the way I saw fit. I gave up one dream to achieve another. I now feel my impact is better done focusing on educating rather than on designing the spaceships.

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CosmosNow – What are you looking forward to in your career?

Kevin – Educate and expose as many people as possible about the wonders of space and its importance to us here on Earth.

CosmosNow – If we had some way to meet physicist/astrophysicist from the past, whom would you like to meet? What would you ask?

Kevin J DeBruin – Carl Sagan 100%, no question about it. I would ask him what he found most successful in his education work and also ask him where he sees I could improve my efforts.

CosmosNow – What do you do for fun?

Kevin J DeBruin – Anything fitness oriented. I have competed on American Ninja Warrior for the last three years, am a former bodybuilder, and love all things with fitness.

CosmosNow – What is the one thing you want to impart on people as a Space Communicator?

Kevin J DeBruin – We can have fun while learning and make it relatable!

CosmosNow – What do you believe or hope will be the most scientific advancement in the next few decades?

Kevin J DeBruin – Sustainable & healthy living at a cost-effective price compared to non-sustainable & unhealthy choices. Right now it’s cheaper to be destructive to our environment and bodies.

CosmosNow – What advice would you give to someone who wants to take the same career path as you?

Kevin J DeBruin – “Internships are a great way to start and get your foot in the door with experience. Most importantly, work hard, stay dedicated, and never give up.”

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