CosmosNow Magazine – Issue 3 – Vol 2 (Digital Edition)


3rd Issue of Vol – 2 of CosmosNow Magazine (Digital Edition)


This indeed is a knowledge era, so let’s create a great chain of knowledge. We present you the CosmosNow Magazine – Issue 3. In this issue, we put forward some of the most interesting contents for you. CosmosNow aims to reach astronomy lovers to a larger extent by its Magazine.
We are on a mission to provide the best, well-organized, and engaging material on astronomy and outer space to our enthusiastic readers and subscribers. Our objective is to make astronomy easier to learn and more fun than it has ever been. Our goal is to cultivate curiosity and aware people of astronomy and space exploration. Our goal is to inspire, enter-educate space lovers worldwide.

Contents in this issue

Past Month in Space
Know about some of the major achievements and endeavors in the Month of Jan-Feb!
Upcoming Space Events
Few “not to be missed” space events in March-April!
Exclusive Articles
Most engaging and precise articles on a few of the most curated topics on the Internet.
Fictional Writings
Let’s add a pinch of fiction with our knowledge to understand the possibilities of our Universe.
Exclusive Interview
Let’s get into the life of Paleoecologist, Geologist and Astrobiologist at The University of Auckland
Amazing Space Tech
Witness some of the most mind-blowing space technologies which exist or are at the stage of theoretical possibility and for which just an engineering touch up is needed.
Come, let’s grind our brains!
Showcase your knowledge about space and astronomy.
Let’s Explore Our Universe Together

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CosmosNow Magazine – Issue 3 – Volume 2.

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