Star Walk 2 Review

Star Walk 2, Your Friendly Stargazing Guide

ATTENTION STARGAZERS!!! We have something very interesting for you.

We all love watching the night sky and often wonder “what is that star called?” or “what constellations can we see in the sky above?”. What if you have a complete, detailed guide that could help you understand and identify stars and constellations you are standing beneath? Something real-time, easy to access
and use, with amazing graphics that can help you explore the night sky and witness spectacular
celestial events.

STAR WALK 2 is an easy-to-use, detailed guide for stargazing developed by Vito
, which can be used by everyone from children to amateur astronomers. This
application combines astronomical data and premium technologies to help you explore the
celestial beauty above us. Star Walk 2 allows users to identify about 250,000 heavenly
bodies and learn about them, watch the Moon’s phase, find the radiant points of meteor showers,
see daily sunset and sunrise times, learn the solar elevation angle and daily hours of sunlight,
as well as the data for all main planets.

Not only does it helps you identify the celestial objects but it also gives you extended
information about them. You can use Star Walk 2 application on your mobile devices, like a real-time, interactive map of the universe in your hands.

Here are some amazing features of the Star Walk 2 application that make it an outstanding guide to
explore the beauty of the sky.

  1. Point your device towards the sky and this astronomical application will show you the real-time positions of space objects on an interactive map. The constellation you are standing under, the brightest star you see in the sky, a comet passing by.

2. You can also look for a particular celestial object and learn its position through the “Search” feature. This feature allows you to search for any planet, constellation, Messier object, satellite, or star you are interested in.

3. Want to know more about the history and scientific details of a particular celestial object? Star Walk 2 helps you learn everything about the celestial object you are curious about. You can access extended information about any sky object by tapping on its name in the lower part of your screen. This application also contains links to Wikipedia, myths about astronomical bodies, and a gallery with amazing images.

4. Ever wondered how the sky looked like 50 years ago or maybe be 100 years ago? Click the watch icon to determine the position of a celestial body at a particular time period.

5. Star Walk 2 application uses augmented reality which immerses you in the world of stars. Activate the augmented reality mode and see the sky map overlaid on the image from your device’s camera.

6. Enjoy observing wonderful 3D models of constellations, turn them upside down, read their stories and other astronomy facts.

7. Stay up-to-date with the latest news from the world of astronomy. In the “What’s New” section you can learn about the upcoming astronomical events that are worth your attention.

8. With the help of space cartoons children can easily learn more about astronomical phenomena.

9. You can also connect your device to a TV via cables, Airplay, or Screen mirror and enjoy stars and constellations on a big screen.

10. With the help of the “Sky Live” feature you can see the current position of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets, determine the best time for observation and get more information on the lunar phases.

11. Learn what celestial objects will be visible from your location on the particular date in the “Visible Tonight” section.

12. Another interesting feature of Sky Walk 2 application is that it tells you when the International Space Station will fly over your location and informs you about upcoming astronomical events. You can receive a notification alert from 5 minutes to 2 hours before the event.

Some reviews from the users:

“Outstanding! The app gives one a true sense of human scientific accomplishment. This app displays all this in an elegant, comprehensive, and interactive way, in real-time. An hour under the night sky with this app and I start thinking I am an astronomer. I love it.”

– James Francom

“I love this app. It’s so relaxing to use during the night when I cannot sleep. It helps to look at the sky and see that life is so much more. It’s a form of escapism even though space and constellation are real. The visuals are beautiful and the music is haunting. Love how it chimes like tiny bells when you rap on the star. Paid for access to full function. Well worth it.”

– Evelyn Teh

“What I find fascinating is the constantly changing shapes of the entire constellation that glimmers brilliantly into the astrological beings and fantastical creatures as you hover over them. You can zoom in to the name of each star, and out to see the direction to look in the sky. These formed heavenly bodies named by humans who used them to navigate vast oceans for centuries. Heavenly site – sounding celestial beauty!”

– Mindy Wicks

“This app is a technological marvel. Sleek design, smooth performance, excellent graphics and high accuracy allows me to fully immerse myself within the beauty of the universe. With the help of Star Walk 2, I saw for the first time the International Space Station streaking across the sky as the app showed precisely when and where. Also, I have identifies positions of the constellations that normally I didn’t pay attention to during my star gazing activities. The premium version is breathtaking! I fell in love with rotatable nebulae, clusters and constellations. Beautiful ASMR music makes the stargazing experience calming and meditative. All updates are meaningful.”

– Kamil Zawada

“I absolutely love this app and I can’t get enough of the precise layout of the stars and the constellations they form around the whole planet at any given time night or day, not only do you get to see everything how it is but it keeps you up to date with all new things that are going to occur throughout the months such as solar eclipses, nebulae, new discoveries. It is an amazing app whether you are an astronomer or just starting out, definitely worth five stars.”

– Jason Parker

You would definitely want to try this cool application out as your one-stop friendly stargazing guide. Star Walk 2 is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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