Theories of Nature And Their Application in Real Life


I always wondered whether the theories of nature or the laws of nature can be applied to real-life or not. Because the laws of nature are derived from nature explain natural phenomena so they must be able to explain real-life situations because they are also a part of nature. Or I must say, there must be a way in which these real-life situations are governed by the laws of nature. So let us start this process.

Theories of Nature
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Theories of Nature

Let’s start with the first law that we have studied i.e. Newton’s 1st law. According to which a body resists a change in its state. That’s true we also resist a change in our current state of living. Some of us like changes others don’t. Some like frequent changes others like changes that happen at a slow rate but at some point of time we resist changes because we start to get satisfied and get stable or I must say we achieve a state of minimum potential energy which is considered the most stable state or stable living condition. But not for all, there are few people, like the electrons of a greater atomic number element having greater ambitions that always keep moving from low state to high state and someday overcome the ionization barrier and get free.

Now coming to the next law i.e. the 2nd law of Newton which says that we need a cause for everything i.e. a force for acceleration. That’s also true because without a cause we humans don’t even think. What matters is the right cause at the right time similar to the fact that a force applied at the correct position in the correct amount produces the best acceleration.

Now the 3rd law, my favorite and the law about which we least bother in real life. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Not only true for forces but also for us. We should keep in mind that every action or decision we make has consequences, whether good or bad it will affect us back and also in the same amount. It may act as a whole at a single point or may get distributed like vectors acting at different points. So, what we can do is make the decision and be ready to face the consequences.


These were some of the basic laws that we studied and some of the basic things that we should look for in real life.
Now coming to some other complex theories about which we don’t know much.

The first one being the theory of nuclear forces, the force acting between the nucleons depends on how much they interact with each other. But that is also true when the distance is close enough. Very much similar to the relationships of real life. Those who are far away or not much close, the interaction is like gravitational forces where superposition applies and the interaction between two never get affected by others but for those who are too close interaction between two depends on other people that are also close enough and how much to interact with whom is still a mystery for me. What I say is we cannot keep everyone happy all the time so it is on us to decide whom to keep happy at which moment.

Now comes the theory of quantization of charge. First of all, I was keen to find out that in the whole universe which one is more whether it is the positive one or the negative one or the whole universe overall is neutral. I have not been able to find out so I can’t say much about it.
Let’s start with keeping the whole universe neutral and taking the charges as thoughts. Some of you may think that charges and thoughts can’t be considered the same because charges can’t be created but first, you think that, do you create your thoughts? or they just come into your consciousness when you are facing a situation.

Here everything is clear that there are an equal number of positive and negative thoughts in the world which makes our assumption true or What if our assumption is itself wrong?

Well, let’s comment on what do you think.

This post is written by Ravi Raj.

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